ICR International Symposium on

Games, Argumentation, and Logic Programming
Luxembourg, 23-24 April 2009

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Dung's work "On the Acceptability of Arguments and its Fundamental Role in Non-monotonic Reasoning, Logic Programming and N-persons games" (Artificial Intelligence, 1995) has provided argumentation theory with the necessary mathematical abstractions for it to reach scientific maturity, and become an independent research area within the field of non-monotonic reasoning. However, while Dung's formal semantics have soon become part of the basic techniques of argumentation theorists, his argument-based analysis of n-persons games and logic programming has received considerably less attention.
The symposium fills the gap by starting from game theory, and considers how logic (in particular logic programming) and argumentation can be used as computational tools for games. It aims at bringing together researchers working at the interface of the three disciplines of game theory, logic and argumentation, in order to foster the interaction between these research fields, along the lines already presented in Dung's seminal work. In this spirit, the symposium will host talks divided in three main groups: games and logic, argumentation and games, argumentation and logic.
The meeting is based on invited speakers, there is no paper submission and no proceedings (although speakers are invited to send their slides and work reports to be uploaded on the conference website). Participation of other researchers is free, but a timely registration will be required in order to attend lunches.

(ICR) Individual and Collective Reasoning Group
University of Luxembourg